Sunday, July 28, 2013

InfoSWMM and H2oMAP SWMM Map Display of d/D

Note:  You can use the Output Statistics Manager in InfoSWMM and H2OMAP SWMM to compute the peak d/D for ALL of the links in your network. Once you have calculated the peak d/D using the tool you can copy them using the command Ctrl-C and paste them to a new field in the Conduit Information DB Table.  The pasted mean flow from the Conduit Information table then can be mapped using Map Display.

Step 1:  Use Run Manager and Run the Simulation


Step 2:  Use the Output Report Manager and view the Conduit Summary Table

Step 3:  Select the links you want to analyze using the pick tool.

Step 4:  Copy the Peak d/D values using the command Copy after a Right Mouse Click.

Step 5:  Paste the Peak d/D values using the command Paste after a Right Mouse Click in the created DOVERD Field in the Conduit Information DB Table.

Step 6:  Map the Conduit.DOVERD variable from the Conduit Information DB Table.

Step 7:  Now Display the Peak d/D for each link.

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