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Pump / Force Main System in InfoSWMM and SWMM 5 - with Emojis

Subject: 🚀 Pump / Force Main System in InfoSWMM and SWMM 5

Introduction: 💡 The Pump/Force Main system in InfoSWMM and SWMM 5 is a critical component for effective wastewater management. It ensures that wastewater flows smoothly from its source to the desired destination. Let's explore its components and the steps to set it up!

📌 The Basic System:

  • Wet Well with its parameters 🕳️
  • Pump Type 🔄
  • Defined Pump Curve 📈
  • Downstream Pressure Node 📍
  • Downstream Force Main 🛤️
Figure 1:  The Basic System

Step 1: Wet Well Data 📋

  • Input the invert elevation and maximum depth of the Wet Well.
  • Define the shape, considering evaporation or infiltration factors.

Step 2: Define the Pump Type 🔄

  • The pump's operation is guided by its Pump Curve and the set On and Off elevations.
  • The four primary pump types include:
    • Volume - Flow 🌊
    • Depth – Flow 📏
    • Head – Flow 📌
    • Depth - Flow 📊

Step 3: Define the Pump Curve 📈

  • Under the Operation Tab, outline the desired pump curve to ensure efficient pump functioning.

Step 3:  Define the Pump Curve in the Operation Tab 

Step 4: Set a Surcharge or Pressure Depth 🌡️
  • By setting a positive Surcharge Depth at the Downstream node, you ensure that during the simulation, the node remains pressurized, driving the flow through the Force Main.
  • This plot offers a visual representation of the hydraulic gradient line (HGL) for the Force Main System, showcasing the pressure changes within the system.

  • Define the downstream conduits emerging from the pump as Force Mains.
  • Choose either the Hazen Williams or Darcy-Weisbach coefficient based on your requirements. (This is typically set in SWMM 5 options or InfoSWMM's Run Manager.)

Step 5: Force Main Data 🛤️

Step 6: HGL Plot of the Force Main System 📊


Step 7: Pump Summary 📑

  • Refer to the RPT File to get a comprehensive summary of the pump's performance and other related parameters.

Conclusion: 🌟 Setting up the Pump/Force Main system in InfoSWMM and SWMM 5 is a meticulous process but ensures efficient and effective wastewater management. Following these steps will ensure a robust system in place! 🚀🌊🛠️

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