SWMM 5.1 Update History up to SWMM 5.1.013

SWMM 5.1 Update History =======================
New SWMM 5.1.013 is now available
------------------------ Build 5.1.013 (05/10/18) ------------------------
Engine Updates:
1.  A subcatchment's depression storage depth, its pervious surface roughness     (Mannings n) and its hydraulic conductivity can now be adjusted on a     monthly basis by assigning monthly time patterns to these properties.     For conductivity, a subcatchment-specific adjustment pattern will     override any project-wide set of climate adjustment factors.
2.  LID controls can now treat a designated portion of a subcatchment’s     pervious area runoff (previously they could only treat impervious area     runoff).
3.  Permeable pavement LID units subjected to clogging over time can now     have their permeability only partly restored at periodic time     intervals
4.  The following options were added to control flow out of LID units     through their underdrains:     - A storage layer water depth above which…