Saturday, June 29, 2013

Canada Day and a SWMM 5 Model with Flow Dividers

Canada Day and a SWMM 5 Model with Flow Dividers

Happy Canada Day,  A SWMM 5 Model with Canada Day as the WaterMark along with an Interesting SWMM 5 Model with Flow Dividers - it only works in Kinematic Wave Mode

Flow Divider Inp File
Canada Day Image

Monday, June 24, 2013

Two Pass InfoSewer Solution

Two Pass InfoSewer Solution
  • The d/D you are Mapping is from the 1st pass or the solution in which the manhole loads are calculated and the program estimates the flow in the links – the flow gives the value of d/D which you are mapping. 
  • The HGL plot is plotting the adjusted d/D which is the result of the 2nd pass of the solution, this pass estimates backwater, surcharge and pressure and often the value of the Adjusted d/D is higher than the 1st pass value of d/D. 
  • The Adjusted d/D is a better way of finding those pipes that are more than 0.75 full.

Adjusted d/D is a better way of finding those pipes that are more than 0.75 full

How to Locate Parallel Pipes in H2OMAP SWMM

How to Locate Parallel Pipes in H2OMAP SWMM
You can use the command *Utility/Network Review Fix/Locate Parallel Pipe/Show as Domain *or as list of ID's

Utility/Network Review Fix/Locate Parallel Pipe/Show as Domain 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Massive Flooding In Alberta Canada Forces 75,000 To Flee

Massive Flooding In Alberta Canada Forces 75,000 To Flee

Alberta, Canada. Credit: AP
Parts of Alberta, Canada were hit by extreme flooding the size of New York State on Friday, forcing 75,000 to evacuatetheir homes. Hit by heavy rain, people have abandoned their cars and low-lying residences in flooded waters Mayor Naheed Nenshi described as “an ocean at the moment.”
Across the world, cities in Germany have also been wrecked by flooding — one estimate puts the damage as high as $7.7 billion. Climate science explains that global warming leads to a 5 to 10 percent increase in rainfall, and subsequently leads to a higher risk of flooding.
As Climate Central notes in its reporting on the Calgary floods: “A study published in the journalNature Climate Change on June 9 found that flood frequency as well as the number of people at risk of inundation from flood events are both likely to increase as the world continues to warm.”
Heavy precipitation extremes, which sometimes result in river flooding, have been increasing in much of the U.S. east of the Mississippi River. Credit: Climate Central.
Alberta is home to controversial tar sands development, where the city of Calgary happens to be a source of climate denier arguments: The Calgary Herald, an influential paper in western Canada, has spouted climate denier points on its editorial page. The University of Calgary, meanwhile, was once paid to distribute resources opposing climate change science.

How to Find Duplicate Links in InfoSWMM

1. Make a table of all  From Nodes for all of the links using Conduit Information,
2. Made an output DBF table using the summary command of the Open Attribute Table of Arc Map
3. Joined the output DBF table to the Junction layer
4. Labeled all Nodes that had more than one outgoing link
5. You can see on the screen the possible duplicate links and decide which are valid and which are not allowed

Thursday, June 20, 2013

All of the rivers in the USA

Saturday, June 15, 2013

How to Use Excel to Make Random X, Y Coordinates in SWMM 5

NodeXYRand XRand Y

If you have a SWMM 5 file without any X, Y  coordinates you can assume an X and a Y and then use Excel to make each pair random by using the RAND() function.  You at least will see each of the nodes on the screen with associated links.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wikipedia Traffic for the SWMM versus EPANET Articles

Subject:  Wikipedia Traffic for the SWMM versus EPANET Articles

Wikipedia has one article for EPANET and three articles for SWMM 5 (two are redirected to the Stormwater Management Model Main Article).  The statistics for the last three years (data before 2007 is unavailable) show an average of 28 visitors per day to SWMM and 16 per day to EPANET).  The search name has switched from the word SWMM to Stormwater Management Model starting in 2009.

Unpacking the Two-Pass Solution in InfoSewer

  Unpacking the Two-Pass Solution in InfoSewer InfoSewer's dual-pass methodology is a cornerstone for achieving a meticulous and compreh...