Tuesday, March 21, 2023

RTK SWMM5 Import to ICM using ODIC


Object FieldsImport FieldsDefault Values
RTK hydrograph IDID
Response ratio R - short termRFVOL_EFF0.050
Time to peak T - short termPEAKTM11.000
Recession limb ratio K - short termRECESS12.000
Response ratio R - medium termRFVOL10.050
Time to peak T - medium termPEAKTM21.000
Recession limb ratio K - medium termRECESS22.000
Response ratio R - long termRFVOL20.050
Time to peak T - long termPEAKTM31.000
Recession limb ratio K - long termRECESS32.000
Max initial abstraction depth - short term
Initial abstraction recovery rate - short term
Initial abstraction depth - short term
Max initial abstraction depth - medium term
Initial abstraction recovery rate - medium term
Initial abstraction depth - medium term
Max initial abstraction depth - long term
Initial abstraction recovery rate - long term
Initial abstraction depth - long term

GW ODIC ICM Import Fields


Object FieldsImport Fields
Ground infiltration ID
Soil depth
Percolation coefficient
Baseflow coefficient
Infiltration coefficient
Percolation threshold (%)
Percolation percentage infiltrating (%)
Porosity of soil (%)
Porosity of ground (%)
Baseflow threshold level
Baseflow threshold type
Infiltration threshold level
Infiltration threshold type
Evapotranspiration type
Evapotranspiration depth
Jan evapotranspiration factor
Feb evapotranspiration factor
Mar evapotranspiration factor
Apr evapotranspiration factor
May evapotranspiration factor
Jun evapotranspiration factor
Jul evapotranspiration factor
Aug evapotranspiration factor
Sep evapotranspiration factor
Oct evapotranspiration factor
Nov evapotranspiration factor
Dec evapotranspiration factor
User number 1
User number 2
User number 3
User number 4
User number 5
User number 6
User number 7
User number 8
User number 9
User number 10
User text 1
User text 2
User text 3
User text 4
User text 5
User text 6
User text 7
User text 8
User text 9
User text 10

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