Monday, March 20, 2023

Step7_InfoSewer_Pump_Geodatabase_map_folder.cfg - InfoSewer to ICM InfoWorks Networks

 Step7_InfoSewer_Pump_Geodatabase_map_folder.cfg - InfoSewer to ICM InfoWorks Networks

Uses ODIC in ICM InfoWorks Networks to read InfoSewer CSV or Geodatabases files with a cfg template - see below.

Object FieldsImport FieldsDefault Values
US node ID
Link suffix
DS node ID
Link type
System type
Sewer reference
Switch on level
Switch off level
On delay
Off delay
Base level
Head discharge table
Minimum flow
Maximum flow
Positive change in flow
Negative change in flow
Flow threshold
Maximum speed
Minimum speed
Positive change in speed
Negative change in speed
Nominal speed
Speed threshold
DS settlement efficiency (%)
US settlement efficiency (%)
Nominal flow
Electric mechanical power ratio
Branch ID
InfoAsset unique ID
InfoAsset ID
User number 1
User number 2
User number 3
User number 4
User number 5
User number 6
User number 7
User number 8
User number 9
User number 10
User text 1
User text 2
User text 3
User text 4
User text 5
User text 6
User text 7
User text 8
User text 9
User text 10

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