Monday, March 20, 2023

Step15_Infosewer_manhole_csv.cfg - InfoSewer to ICM InfoWorks Networks

Step15_Infosewer_manhole_csv.cfg   - InfoSewer to ICM InfoWorks Networks

Uses ODIC in ICM InfoWorks Networks to read InfoSewer CSV or Geodatabases files with a cfg template - see below.

Object FieldsImport FieldsDefault Values
Node type
System type
Connection type
Asset IDID
Ground level
Flood level
Chamber floor level
Chamber roof level
Chamber plan area
Shaft plan area
Flood type
Benching method
2D element area factor
Floodable area
Flood depth 1
Flood depth 2
Flood area 1 (%)
Flood area 2 (%)
Flooding discharge coefficient
Head discharge table
Number of gullies
Relative stages
Inlet input type
Inlet type
Inlet flow efficiency table
Cross slope
Grate width
Grate length
Number of transverse bars
Opening length
Number of longitudinal bars
Opening height
Gutter depression
Number of diagonal bars
Lateral depression
Minimum area including voids
Area of voids
Splashover velocity
% clogging
Half Road Width
Weir behavior depth
Grate clear opening area
Inlet user equation value a
Inlet user equation value b
Base area
Infiltration loss coefficient
Shaft additional storage: user
Shaft additional storage: compensation
Shaft additional storage: simplification
Shaft additional storage: correction
Chamber additional storage: user
Chamber additional storage: compensation
Chamber additional storage: simplification
Chamber additional storage: correction
Liner level
Vegetation level
Infiltration loss coefficient above vegetation
Infiltration loss coefficient above liner
Infiltration loss coefficient below liner
Lateral node ID
Lateral link suffix
InfoAsset unique ID
InfoAsset ID
1D-2D linkage basis
User number 1
User number 2

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