Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Channel ODIC ICM Import

Object FieldsImport Fields
US node ID
Link suffix
DS node ID
Link type
System type
Asset ID
Sewer reference
Number of barrels
Shape ID
Base flow depth
Sediment depth
Solution model
US invert level
US headloss type
US headloss coefficient
US settlement efficiency
DS invert level
DS headloss type
DS headloss coefficient
DS settlement efficiency
Minimum computational
Full capacity
Branch ID
Base height
Base infiltration loss
Side infiltration loss
1d diffusion type
1d diffusion d0
1d diffusion d1
1d diffusion d2
User number 1
User number 2
User number 3
User number 4
User number 5
User number 6
User number 7
User number 8
User number 9
User number 10
User text 1
User text 2
User text 3
User text 4
User text 5
User text 6
User text 7
User text 8
User text 9
User text 10

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