Monday, March 20, 2023

Step16_Infosewer_pipe_csv.cfg - InfoSewer to ICM InfoWorks Networks

Step16_Infosewer_pipe_csv.cfg - InfoSewer to ICM InfoWorks Networks

Uses ODIC in ICM InfoWorks Networks to read InfoSewer CSV or Geodatabases files with a cfg template - see below.

Object FieldsImport FieldsDefault Values
US node ID
Link suffix
DS node ID
Link type
System type
Asset IDID
Sewer reference
Number of barrels
Shape ID
Roughness type
Bottom roughness Colebrook-White
Top roughness Colebrook-White
Bottom roughness Manning's 1/n
Top roughness Manning's 1/n
Bottom roughness Manning's n
Top roughness Manning's n
Bottom roughness HW
Top roughness HW
Sediment depth
Solution model
US invert level
US headloss type
US headloss coefficient
US settlement efficiency (%)
DS invert level
DS headloss type
DS headloss coefficient
DS settlement efficiency (%)
Critical sewer category
Taking off reference
Conduit material
Design group
Site condition
Ground condition
Minimum computational nodes
Full capacity
Branch ID
Conduit type
Min space step
Slot width
Vertical connection coefficient
Springing height
InfoAsset unique ID
InfoAsset US node ID
InfoAsset DS node ID
InfoAsset link suffix
Base height
Base infiltration loss coefficient
Side infiltration loss coefficient
Fill material conductivity
1d diffusion type
1d diffusion d0
1d diffusion d1
1d diffusion d2
Culvert code
Reverse flow model
Inlet headloss coefficient (Ki)
Outlet headloss coefficient (Ko)
Outlet culvert code
Outlet equation
K (outlet)

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