Monday, March 20, 2023

Step12_InfoSewer_subcatchment_xy_node_csv.cfg - InfoSewer to ICM InfoWorks Networks

 Step12_InfoSewer_subcatchment_xy_node_csv.cfg - InfoSewer to ICM InfoWorks Networks

Uses ODIC in ICM InfoWorks Networks to read InfoSewer CSV or Geodatabases files with a cfg template - see below.

Object FieldsImport FieldsDefault Values
Subcatchment IDID
System type
Drains to
Node ID
Link suffix
To subcatchment ID
Lateral weights
2D point ID
Capacity limit
Exceedance flow type
Total area
Connectivity (%)
Land use ID
PDM Descriptor
Curve number
Drying time
Ground infiltration ID
Ground infiltration node
Maximum soil moisture capacity
Wastewater profile
Base flow
Additional foul flow
Trade flow
Use area-averaged rain
Rainfall profile
Trade profile
Evaporation profile
RTK hydrograph
SPR calculation
WRAP soil type
HOST soil class
Contributing area
Per-surface RAFTS B
Degree urbanisation
RAFTS adapt factor
Unit hydrograph definition
Overland flow time
Flood wave celerity
Equivalent Manning's n
Hydraulic radius
PWRI coefficient
Time of concentration method
Time of concentration, tc
Timestep factor
Time to peak factor
Time to peak, tp
Base time, tb
Lag time, tl
Peaking coefficient, cp
Degree of kink
Unit hydrograph peak
Baseflow lag
Baseflow recharge
Baseflow calculation
Soil moisture deficit
SRM runoff coefficient
SRM linear time constant 1
SRM linear time constant 2
SRM time delay
Standard percentage runoff
Non-linear routing method
Lag time method
Storage factor K
Exponent p
Internal routing
Runoff routed internally

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