Friday, July 26, 2013

WARNING 04: minimum elevation drop used for Conduit - What Does this Message Mean in SWMM 5?

Subject:  WARNING 04minimum elevation drop used for Conduit  - What Does this Message Mean?

This message means that the elevation drop across the link  is less than the minimum allowable drop or (0.001 /3.048 meters)

Elevation1 = Link Offset Upstream + Upstream Node Invert

Elevation2 = Link Offset Downstream + Downstream Node Invert

Internally Elevation1 – Elevation2 should be greater than 0.001 /3.048 meters.  If it is not then SWMM 5 or InfoSWMM will use the minimum drop or0.001 /3.048 meters

It simply is a rule that does not allow flat slopes as the flat slopes mean no normal flow calculations. You should not have to worry about this warningmessage.

Here is an example of a conduit in which the rule is applied.  The rule is applied to link U-104 because it is flat and has no slope.

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