Friday, July 26, 2013

How to Compile SWMM 5 in Visual Studio 2010 Express

How to Compile SWMM 5 in Visual Studio 2010 Express

Download the newest SWMM 5 code(Figure 1) from and then make a new directory on your computer. We will call it c:\newSWMM5Code with a subdirectory C:\newSWMMCode\VC2005_DLL  in which the attached vcxproj file is placed.  The source code from the EPA should be placed on C:\newSWMMCode.  You can then open up the file swmm5_ms.vcxproj and make a new SWMM 5 DLL model with your code modifications (if needed).

Figure 1.  The source code from the EPA for SWMM5.

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