Sunday, July 28, 2013

InfoSWMM and H2oMAP SWMM Map of the Maximum Surcharge Depth Over Highest Pipe Crown

Note:  You can copy and paste information from the Junction Output Summary to a newly created Junction Information DB Column so that you can use Map Display to visually see the newly saved output variable.

Step 1:  Run the model and then go to the Junction Summary in Report Manager and select all of the nodes in your model.

Step 2:  Copy the Maximum Surcharge Height over Highest Pipe Crown Column


Step 3:  Make and Insert a New Editable Field in the Junction Information Table by Pasting the information you just copied from the Junction Summary  Output Column.

Step 4:  Use the Map Display Command and use Existing DB as the Source and the newly created variable Junction_Surcharge_Depth

Step 5:  Use the Option Show Label Properties and adjust the Font to show the maximum surcharge depth.

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