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How to change the Maximum Infiltration in a DB Table of InfoSWMM and H2OMAP SWMM

Note:  How to change the Maximum Infiltration in a DB Table of InfoSWMM and H2OMAP SWMM

There are a lot of methods in InfoSWMM and H20MAP SWMM to change the infiltration data.  You have the ability to change it for

1.      an individual subcatchment using the Attribute Browser
2.      by soil type and
3.      the coverage of the soil over all of the subcatchments – this will alter the areal weighted average of the infiltration data

You have layers of infiltration data in the interface to your model data.  The infiltration parameters are defined per soil as in a real watershed and the subcatchments will use the areal weighted infiltration values of all of the soils on the subcatchment.  You get more flexibility and closer to the physical reality of the subcatchment by having layers of soil on the subcatchment rather than one set of infiltration per subcatchment.  Of course if you set up one soil type per subcatchment then you will have 100 percent coverage of the same infiltration set of parameters per subcatchment.

Method 1: An Individual Subcatchment by using the Attribute Browser

Method 2: All of the Infiltration Data in the Soil Tables using the DB Editor and the Block Edit command.

Method 3:  You can also change the overall Infiltration by changing the soil coverage of the Subcatchment using the Subcatchment Infiltration table.

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