Sunday, July 28, 2013

InfoSWMM and H2oMAP SWMM Output Statistics Manager

Note:  You can use the Output Statistics Manager in InfoSWMM and H2OMAP SWMM to compute the mean and maximum peak flow for ALL of the links or the mean and maximum depths of all nodes in your network. Once you have calculated the mean flows using the tool you can copy them using the command Ctrl-C and paste them to a new field in the Conduit Information DB Table.  The pasted mean flow from the Conduit Information table then can be mapped using Map Display.

Step 1:  Run the Output Statistics Manager and decide what links and statistics you want to compute.


Step 2:  Select the links you want to analyze using the pick tool.

Step 3:  Copy the Mean or Average Flow value using the command  Ctrl-C.

Step 4:  Copy the Mean or Average Flow value to the created Mean Field in the Conduit Information DB Table.

Step 5:  Map the Conduit.Mean variable from the Conduit Information DB Table.

Step 6:  Display the mean flow for each link.

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