Sunday, March 19, 2023

InfoSWMM CONTOUR.DBF File in ISDB Folder and InfoSewer CONTOUR.DBF File in IEDB Folder

 InfoSWMM CONTOUR.DBF File in ISDB Folder and InfoSewer CONTOUR.DBF File in IEDB Folder

Column HeadingDescriptionExample
IDAn identification number or code for the data.001
DESCRIPTA description or name for the data.Temperature
TITLEA title or heading for the data.Temperature Readings
SRC_TYPEThe type of source where the data came from.Sensor
OUTPUT_SRCThe output source or device for the data.Thermometer
FIELD_TAGA field tag or label for the data.TEMP
TIMEThe time or date stamp for the data.2022-03-19 12:00:00
FONTThe font style for the data.Arial
FONTCOLORThe font color for the data.#000000 (black)
FONTSIZEThe font size for the data.12pt
BOLDWhether the data is displayed in bold or not.True
ITALICWhether the data is displayed in italic or not.False
SHOW_UNITWhether to display the unit of measurement for the data.True
PREFIXA prefix to add to the data.+
SUFFIXA suffix to add to the data.°C
SCALETXTThe scale text for the data.Low-High
TEXTSIZEThe size of any accompanying text for the data.10pt
LBLFIELDThe label field for the data.Reading
LBLPLACEThe placement of the label for the data.Top
DOMAINThe domain or range of values for the data.-50 to 50
MAXIMUMThe maximum value for the data.100
MINIMUMThe minimum value for the data.-50
STEPThe step or interval for the data.1
FROMCOLORThe starting color for a color ramp or gradient.#00FF00 (green)
TOCOLORThe ending color for a color ramp or gradient.#FF0000 (red)
RAMPCLORThe type of color ramp or gradient to use.Linear
AUTOLVLWhether to automatically generate levels for the data.True
LINEWIDTHThe width of any lines or borders for the data.1px
TOLERANCEThe tolerance or accuracy of the data.0.5
DECIMALThe number of decimal places to display for the data.1
RESOLUTIONThe resolution or quality of the data.High
SHOW_LBLWhether to show the label for the data.True
SMOOTHTYPEThe type of smoothing to apply to the data.None

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