Friday, August 2, 2013

Reading the Output of Older SWMM 5 versions in Newer SWMM 5 Versions

Subject:   Reading the Output of Older SWMM 5 versions in Newer SWMM 5 Versions

It is very easy to read the output graphs and output text file from older versions of SWMM 5 in newer versions of SWMM 5 as long as the rules are followed:

1.   You need to have the RPT file for the InputFileName or InputFileName.RPT
2.   You need to have the OUT file for the InputFileName or InputFileName.OUT
3.   The File Size for InputFileName.RPT is greater than 0
4.   The Run Status for InputFileName.OUT is true based on the tests in CheckRunStatus
a.       // Starting from end of file, read byte offsets of file's sections
b.       // Read # time periods, error code & file signature
c.       // Read file signature & version number from start of file
d.       // Check if run was completed
e.       // Check if results were saved for 1 or more time periods
f.        // Check if correct version was used
g.       // Check if error messages were generated

Figure 1.   The RPT File or OUT File is not saved unless you 1st save the Current Simulation Results.

Figure 2.   The binary output file of SWMM 5.0.013 in SWMM 5.0.022

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