Wednesday, August 21, 2013

InfoSWMM Error Messages and Arc Map Invalid Characters

InfoSWMM Error Messages and Arc Map Invalid Characters

A few other invalid characters are shown here in addition to the space character.  The Arc Map Link is if you want more information.
000354 : The name contains invalid characters
Any database may have naming restrictions for table and field names. For instance, a table in a file geodatabase cannot include a space.
Alter the name to remove any invalid characters. For instance, consider using an underscore (_) in place of a space. Geoprocessing methods exist that allow you to validate table and field names. Consider using either the ValidateTableName or ValidateFieldName function to ensure your name is valid. Learn more about validating table and field names.

·         Any field names start with an invalid character (`~@#$%^&*()-+=|\\,<>?/{}.!'[]:;_0123456789)
·         Any field names contain an invalid character (`~@#$%^&*()-+=|\\,<>?/{}.!'[]:;)
·         Any field names match reserved words based on the underlying DBMS (For example, in Microsoft SQL Server, COMMIT and ROLLBACK are reserved words.)
·         There are nongeodatabase Microsoft Access tables

If these problems are present in the tables to be joined, ArcMap can display null values in attribute tables or report misleading selection or record counts. Validate Join analysis checks for invalid characters when analyzing coverage data but excludes these character symbols: the number sign (#), the dollar sign ($), and the hyphen (-). It also excludes the period (.) when checking for invalid characters for ArcSDE software-connected data. However, it will report the presence of these characters as well as the number of matching records for the join.

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