Saturday, August 10, 2013

How to use the Report Feature of the HGL Plot in InfoSWMM

Subject:   How to use the Report Feature of the HGL Plot in InfoSWMM

The report feature of the HGL plot helps you understand in more detail the pump flows, forcemain flows and node heads.

Step 1. Load the Domain in the HGL Plot using Report Manager

Step 2. Click on the Report Command to Show the HGL Data in Tabular Format

Step 3.  Format the Results Table from the HGL Plot to see the data better.

Step 4.  Now we have the heads, flows and velocities for the pumps, nodes and force main links in our Domain around the pump of interest at time steps of 2 seconds,  We can now see how the flows, heads and velocities change downstream from the pump.

Step 5.  Force Mains, Nodes and Pumps in our Table

Step 6.  The pump turns on and the flow moves downstream to the force mains – the heads in the nodes increase to balance the flow at each node.  As you can see there is a 1 to 2 GPM decrease due to attenuation as the flow from the pump moves into the force mains.

Step 7.  The pump turns off and flows downstream decrease.  You can get negative flow if the downstream head is higher than the upstream head of the link.

Step 8.  Use Advanced Labeling and the HGL Plot Stepping Interval to see all of the data in your Plot.

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