Saturday, August 10, 2013

How to Use Domain Manager in InfoSWMM to Reduce the Output File Size

Subject:   How to Use Domain Manager in InfoSWMM to Reduce the Output File Size

If you want to save the output at a small report time step (2 seconds in this case) and you have a long simulation or large model then the reading of the graphicalo results may not be as speedy as you want.  You can save ONLY the DOMAIN to the output binary file however to make this smaller and faster to react.

Step 1.  Define your Reporting Time Step and Your Routing Time Step.  In this case we are routing at 1 second but saving the DOMAIN results every 2 seconds.

Step 2.  Clear your existing DOMAIN and Create a DOMAIN based on the area you are most interested in during the simulation.
Step 3.  Use the Advanced Tab in Run Manager and select Domain as the Output Scope – this will save only the Domain to the output binary file.

Step 4.  Run the simulation using Run Manager and then look at the output.  You are restricted to 8800 graph points but the number of points in the Report Table is unlimited.

Step 5. You can use the Data Plot Option (right mouse click) to see a subset of the larger than 8800 data points. 


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