Friday, August 2, 2013

How to see the effect of the Pump Setting in the RTC Rules of InfoSWMM and H20MAP SWMM

Subject:  How to see the effect of the Pump Setting in the RTC Rules of InfoSWMM and H20MAP SWMM

Step 1.   Pump Startup and Shutoff Depth

Depths to turn the Pump On and turn the Pump Off.  In this example, the pump will be off when the Wet Well Depth is less than 2 feet, the Pump will be off between a Wet Well Depth between 2 and 5.75 feet if the Pump is currently Off and the Pump will be On between a Wet Well Depth between 5.75 and 2 feet.

Step 2.   RTC Rule for the Pump Setting when the Wet Well Depth is less than 6.25 feet.  We need to add the AND statement so that the setting is only reset when the Pump is On.   You do not want the pump setting to be reset when the pump should be off.

Result 1:  The Pump Speed Ratio tells you the Pump Setting

Result 2:  RTC Control Rules in the RPT File if you click on Show Control Actions
Result 3:   The depth at the Wet Well and the Flow in the Pump

Result 4:  A mixed graph of the Wet Well Depth and Pump Flow shows the effect of the RTC.

Result 5:  The RTC Rule can also been seen flow to the Pump Curve.

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