Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weir and Orifice Flow Equations for a Weir in SWMM 5

Weir and Orifice Flow Equations in SWMM 5!

  1. 🌊 When we discuss the weir flow equation in SWMM 5, it's essential to understand that the weir equation is applied under specific conditions. The head (or height of water) at the weir should be between its base (invert elevation) and the top (crown). This is when the weir equation is most applicable.

  2. 🕳️ Once the water level surpasses the weir crown, indicating that the weir is submerged or the head is exceptionally high, the orifice equation comes into play.

It's crucial to ensure the accurate application of these equations, as they determine the flow of water in stormwater systems and can greatly influence flood predictions and management.

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