Sunday, August 4, 2013

Node Comparison in InfoSWMM and InfoSewer

Note:  Node Comparison in InfoSWMM and InfoSewer 
1)    Is there an option to set the manhole sealing method (i.e. locked 
or unlocked) in InfoSWMM?  You set the Surcharged depth to a positive value to prevent flooding and keep the pipes under pressure.  You will still have flooding once the water surface elevation reaches the maximum depth + surcharge depth.  Unlike inInfoSewer the depths are not unlimited.
 2)    Is defining manhole diameter in InfoSWMM available?  You can set the default surface area of a node or make it a storagenode.  
 3)    Does InfoSWMM allow me to create parallel pipes with the same 
attributes similar to InfoSewer?  You can set the number of barrels in the attribute browser of DB Editor in InfoSWMM.
 4)    Can you please confirm that the only element allowed to leave a 
storage unit in InfoSWMM is a pump?  No, this is not true.  You can have a gravity main, orifice or weir leave a storage pond or lake.
 5)    Is there a tool to check for pipe diameter discrepancies in 
InfoSWMM similar to InfoSewer?  Yes, we have a similar Engineering Review and Network Audit Tools

6)    For load patterns, I do not see an option between stepwise and 
continuous in InfoSWMM, or is there?  InfoSWMM really only has stepwise linear DWF pattern though you can have a time series of inflows as well which gives you complete flexibility.
 7)    Does InfoSWMM offer modeling I&I using pipe length, pipe surface 
area etcรข€¦ like in InfoSewer?   You can but there in not an easy translation,  You have Rainfall Induced Infiltration at a Node. You can relate this to the pipe length but it is not straightforward.
 8)    Is steady state simulation and design simulation available in 
InfoSWMM similar to InfoSewer?  You can do Steady State easily but design uses a Genetic Algorithm technique if you have InfoSWMMSuite.

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