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How to Compare the Output Manager Statistics in H2OMAP SWMM to the SWMM 5 Output Text File

Subject:   How to Compare the Output Manager Statistics in H2OMAP SWMM to the SWMM 5 Output Text File
The value of the total inflow in the text output file is the integrated total for the whole simulation including all time steps.   This is the total volume that is shown in Map Display for Nodes and Links or in the Summary Tables for Nodes and Links.   If you graph the flow or depths in Output Report Manager and use the FieldStatistics tool it will only show you the statistics for the SAVED time steps.  However, if you multiply the Sum (Total) Value by the saved interval in seconds you will have another estimate of the total node of link  statistic.  For example, a Sum Total of L/s times seconds yields liters which divided by 1,000 yields ML. 

Figure 2.  Map Display of  the  total link volume in the model run comes from the Node Inflow Summary Table in the Text Report File

    Node Inflow Summary

                                  Maximum  Maximum                  Lateral       Total
                                  Lateral    Total  Time of Max      Inflow      Inflow
                                   Inflow   Inflow   Occurrence      Volume      Volume
  Node                 Type           LPS      LPS  days hr:min    10^6 ltr    10^6 ltr
  PN_060               JUNCTION      0.00     2.93     0  07:47       0.000       0.143

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