Thursday, November 9, 2023

SWMM5 Groundwater Flow Dialog - Emojis

 🔍 Aquifer Name 🌊

Enter the title of the aquifer entity that outlines the underground soil attributes, thickness, and initial conditions. If you prefer the subcatchment to remain dry, simply skip this section. No groundwater flow will be generated from an unnamed aquifer.

🔃 Receiving Node 🎯

Specify the node that will receive groundwater discharge from the subcatchment. This node acts as the destination point for the subterranean journey of water.

📐 Surface Elevation 🚀

State the height of the subcatchment's ground layer (in feet or meters). This sets the stage for groundwater processes.

💧 Groundwater Flow Coefficient (A1) 💡

Determine the 'A1' value in the groundwater flow equation, a key player in calculating the flow rate.

📈 Groundwater Flow Exponent (B1) 🌐

Indicate the 'B1' value, which adjusts the groundwater flow rate based on the hydraulic head in the groundwater flow formula.

🌊 Surface Water Flow Coefficient (A2) 🛠️

Identify the 'A2' value, integral to the computation of surface water contribution to groundwater flow.

🔢 Surface Water Flow Exponent (B2) 📊

Input the 'B2' value, which influences the relationship between surface water and groundwater flow rates.

🔄 Surface-GW Interaction Coefficient (A3) 🤝

Set the 'A3' value that dictates the interaction rate between surface water and groundwater within the flow formula.

🚧 Surface Water Depth (HSW - HCB) 🌧️

Establish a fixed water level above the receiving node's invert (in feet or meters). A zero value means the depth will fluctuate based on flow routing calculations.

📏 Threshold Water Table Elevation (EB + HCB) 🚦

The minimum aquifer level required to initiate flow (in feet or meters). Leave this unfilled for default settings based on the node's elevation.

🔻 Aquifer Bottom Elevation (EB) ⬇️

Mark the lowest point of the aquifer beneath this subcatchment (in feet or meters). If unsure, the system can inherit values from the overarching aquifer.

🔝 Initial Water Table Elevation (EB + HGW) 🏁

Indicate the starting water table height for simulations, relative to this subcatchment (in feet or meters). You can leave it blank for automatic parent aquifer values.

💦 Unsaturated Zone Moisture 🌵

Mention the initial moisture percentage in the unsaturated zone atop the water table, tailored for this subcatchment (as a volumetric fraction). Default aquifer values apply if omitted.

🔄 Custom Lateral Flow Equation 🧩

To tailor the lateral groundwater flow (QL) equations, click the ellipsis (...) or press Enter. This bespoke equation will complement the standard for outflow calculations.

🔽 Custom Deep Flow Equation 🌐

For deep groundwater flow (QD) customization, hit the ellipsis (...) or Enter. This personal formula will take the place of the usual deep flow equation.

Unit consistency for the coefficients in lateral groundwater flow equations is crucial, with options including cfs/acre (akin to inches/hr) for US measurements or cms/ha in the International System of Units.

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