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Detailed Overview of solveContinuity and evalContinuity Functions in SWMM5 🌊🔍📐


Detailed Overview of solveContinuity and evalContinuity Functions in SWMM5 🌊🔍📐

solveContinuity Function: Solving the Continuity Equation 🔄🧮

Function Prototype 📝
  • Input:
    • qin: Upstream normalized flow.
    • ain: Upstream normalized area.
    • aout: Downstream normalized area.
  • Output: Updates aout and returns an error code.
  • Purpose: To solve the continuity equation ()=Beta1×()+C1×+C2=0 for the normalized area a, using the Newton-Raphson root finding method.
  • Return Codes:
    • >= 0: Number of function evaluations used.
    • -1: Newton function failed.
    • -2: Flow always above maximum flow.
    • -3: Flow always below zero.
Key Steps 🗝️
  1. Determine Bounds: Set upper and lower bounds on a so that () crosses zero.
  2. Initial Bounds:
    • Upper bound (aHi) set to the area at full flow.
    • Lower bound (aLo) set to the area where the section factor is maximal.
  3. Switch Bounds: If necessary, switch aLo and aHi based on the sign of ().
  4. Root Finding:
    • Start at the midpoint of bounds if the initial value of aout is outside these bounds.
    • Utilize the Newton root finder method.
  5. Error Handling: If the function fails to find a root, an error code is returned.

evalContinuity Function: Evaluating the Continuity Equation 📊🔍

Function Purpose 🎯
  • Input: a - Outlet normalized area.
  • Output:
    • f: Value of the continuity equation.
    • df: Derivative of the continuity equation with respect to the normalized area.
  • Functionality: Computes the value and derivative of the continuity equation for a given normalized outlet area a.

Technical Aspects 🖥️🧪

  • These functions are crucial for accurately modeling flow dynamics in stormwater systems in SWMM5.
  • The solveContinuity function is responsible for ensuring the physical feasibility of flow and area calculations.
  • The evalContinuity function provides necessary computations for the Newton-Raphson method to accurately find the root.

Role in SWMM5 🌐🚰

  • Integral to simulating and predicting the behavior of drainage networks under various hydrological conditions.
  • Essential for the precision and reliability of stormwater runoff and sewer system simulations in urban environments.

In conclusion, the solveContinuity and evalContinuity functions in SWMM5 play pivotal roles in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of kinematic wave flow routing, forming the backbone of complex hydrological calculations in urban drainage modeling. 🌊📈🧑‍💻🌧️🏙️🔍

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