Saturday, November 11, 2023

SWMM3 Acknowledgements Section

 Based on the "Acknowledgements" section you provided from the "SWMM3.docx" document, here is a structured summary listing the contributors and their respective contributions:

Richard Field, Harry Torno, Chi-Yuan Fan, Doug Ammon, Tom Barnwell (EPA colleagues)Continuous improvement of EPA SWMM since 1969-70; Management of SWMM Users Group
Dr. Russell G. Mein (Monash University)Reviewed, programmed, and tested Green-Ampt infiltration routines; Sabbatical at the University of Florida
George F. Smith (Office of Hydrology, National Weather Service)Earliest implementation of continuous simulation in Runoff and Storage/Treatment Blocks
Proctor and Redfern, Ltd. and James F. MacLaren, Ltd.Basic formulation of the snowmelt routines under contract with Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Canadian Environmental Protection Service
Douglas C. Ammon (EPA)Runoff Block surface quality changes based on master's research at the University of Florida
Dennis Lai (Clinton-Bogert Associates)Revision of Transport Block scour/deposition routines
W. Alan Peltz (General Electric)Many lasting improvements in SWMM programming
Corps of Engineers, Hydrologic Engineering CenterSuggested card ID system, user-defined default values, and ratios
Dr. William James (McMaster University)Programming basis aided by exposure to FASTSWMM programs
Murray McPherson, Eugene Driscoll, Dr. Dominic DiToro, John Mancini, Dr. Paul Wisner, Charles HowardEnhanced emphasis on proper use and objectives of SWMM modeling
Reinhard Sprenger (Templeton Engineering), Christian Eicher (Gore and Storrie, Ltd.), Robert Johnson (Lehigh University), Tom Jewell (Union College), Tom Meinholz, Richard Race (formerly of Envirex, Inc.)Various improvements and enhancements to SWMM
Dr. Larry Roesner, Dr. Robert Shubinski (CDM)Development and enhancement of Extended Transport Block; Extran contributions
J. Jay Santos, Efi Foufoula, Michael Kennedy, Kelly Nead, Christina Neff (University of Florida)Programming and testing
Linda Trawick, Jeanette Heeb, Kim Karr, College of Engineering Word Processing Center (University of Florida)Typing assistance
Terri Schubert, Micky Hartnett, Anelia CrawfordDrafting of figures
Northeast Regional Data Center (University of Florida)Computations

This table summarizes the collaborative effort and diverse contributions to the development and evolution of the EPA SWMM, highlighting the role of each contributor in enhancing different aspects of the model.

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