Saturday, October 20, 2018

New Features in Innovyze SWMM 14.6 Update 1

New Features in Innovyze SWMM 14.6 Update 1
  1. Added missing conduit type to RTC tables in DB Editor.
  1. Added the ability to use H2S in the SWMM5 Treatment Equations even though H2S is an internal variable in InfoSWMM
  1. Fixed an issue about importing OUTLET Link Tabular/Head features into InfoSWMM SA. It now imports correctly.
  1. Fixed an issue with evaporation being used with SCS Hydrology in the InfoSWMM SA Engine. Now, runoff, infiltration and evaporation are all part of the Runoff Summary.
  1. Fixed run with exact value for RDII Analyst
  1. Skipped the locking files for cache DB sync.
  1. Updated copyright year to 2018.
  1. Introduce new cache DB mechanism.
  1. A fix to the Node Treatment Equation and a fix to the Link Loading Tables. You can now use _H2S to have additional treatment equations for H2S modeling.
  1. Fixed the issue that stored graphs gets reset and the issue of empty combo box.
  1. A fix to the SWMM5 import for InfoSWMM to allow routing time steps less than 1 second. You cannot use time steps to 0.001 seconds.
  1. Add support for importing data file with Unicode encoding.
  1. A fix to the extended graphing parameters for links in the report manager.
  1. Added some key ID messages for older InfoSewer to InfoSWMM imports - it now shows the ID of the problem Pattern or UH
  1. Fixed Conduit Group Graph crash caused by cross section view.
  1. The time stamp of the detailed report node, link and subcatchment time series at the end of the rpt file were out of sync. Many users rely on this table for custom statistical features.
New Features in Innovyze SWMM 14.6  

  1. New Laurenson Runoff Hydrology
  2. Conduit Cross Section View in the Attribute Browser
  3. Profile View in the Attribute Browser
  4. Layer Scale Options for layers
  5. Expanded Transect Chart
  6. Manhole Inlet View in the Attribute Browser
  7. Map Highlight
  8. More Background Map Options

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