Sunday, September 4, 2016

Innovyze InfoSewer vs InfoSWMM and H2OMap SWMM vs H2OMap Sewer

Innovyze InfoSewer vs InfoSWMM and H2OMap SWMM vs H2OMap Sewer
A short comparison of the features in infoSWMM and infoSewer. Many of the same rows apply to H2OMap SWMM and H2OMap Sewer.
Feature ClassFeatureInfoSewerInfoSWMM
Base FunctionalityConservative Solution as an option
Public domain engine
Calibrate model to flow data
Calibration Data
Models siphons
Infers missing inverts
Validation tools
DWF Allocator
Models flow attenuation
RDII flow data processing
Facility Manager
Batch Simulation
Scenario Manager
Scenario Management: Parent-Child Inheritance Functionality
Advanced Reporting (reserve capacity, freeboard, etc)
Data Flagging
Unlimited undo and redo
Version Control: View Commit History, Compare Differences, and Automate Conflict Resolution
IT/Database ArchitectureMulti-User Architecture: (Runs Standalone, in a Workgroup, or as an Enterprise System)
64 Bit Application & Multi Core Processing
Remote Simulation Capability: (Allows user to continue working on model while sim is occuring)
Flexible Licensing: Mix-n-match Model Build and Sim Engine seats as required
2D/Advanced Hydraulic ModelingRiver, Bridge, and Ancillary Modeling
2D IncludedAdd On
True Representation of Open Channels: 1) No limit to x-sections. 2) Full hydraulic interaction with 2D zones along length of channel and over both river banks.HEC-RAS
Superior interaction between rivers, collection systems, and 2D meshes
GPU Card for Increased Sim time and Stability
Shock Capturing (models high velocity flows/steep embankments)
H2OMap SWMM imports H2OMap Sewer and infoSWMM directly
InfoSWMM imports H2OMap SWMM, H2OMap Sewer and InfoSewer directly as shown in the SWMM and Sewer Import Options figure.
A visual comparison between Sewer and SWMM Nodes

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