Friday, September 16, 2016

How to add a new view variable to SWMM 5.1.011

How to add a new view variable to SWMM 5.1.011

If you want to add a new view variable to the graphs of SWMM 5 – this is the steps you have to take (3 in the Delphi GUI and 3 in the SWMM 5 C Engine code).

This example will add a new view variable called NodeXTRA at the end of the Node list of view variables (Figure 1).  You add it to three locations in the Delphi XE7 code (Figure 3) and three locations in the SWMM 5 Engine code (Figure 3).  The purpose of this note is for students and as a reminder to myself.

Figure 1 - New view variable called NodeXtra

Figure 2 - We need to make a few additions to the Delphi GUI code to see the Name NodeXtra when we run SWMM 5.1.011

Figure 3 - SWMM 5 C code - We need to add the NodeXtra variable to the code to see some numbers and results.

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