Sunday, September 11, 2016

How to change the Status Form in SWMM 5.1.011 so it works as in Earlier SWMM 5 Versions

In the current EPA SWMM 5.1.011 the Report/Status tool only shows the non tabular output.  The tabular output is shown in the Summary Tables (Figure 1).  If you use Delphi XE2 to XE7 and make a small change to file FSTATS.PAS (Figure 3) you will see  the Summary tables in both the Status Report and the Summary Talbles (Figure 3).  The tables are stored in the same form they have been in past SWMM 5’s.

The current code looks for the Summary Tables and if it finds them the lines after the Summary is not saved to the Status Form.

            if  (ContainsText(Line, Subcatchment Runoff'))    
            or (ContainsText(Line, Node Depth'))            

If you change the words searched to words that will not appear in the output then the line will be copied to the Status Form. 

            if  (ContainsText(Line, 'Do not Skip this Subcatchment Runoff'))     // 2016 RED
            or (ContainsText(Line, 'Do not Skip this Node Depth'))               // 2016 RED

Figure 1 - Current SWMM 5.1.011 only shows to the Routing Time Step Summary in the Status Form.

Figure 2 - Small Change to Make in the Delphi XE7 Code

Figure 3 - Now you can See the Summary Tables in the Status Form.

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