Sunday, May 14, 2023

Why Validation in InfoDrainage, ICM SWMM and ICM InfoWorks is great for Good Model Building

 The built-in validation tool in InfoDrainage is an exceptional feature that significantly enhances the user experience and overall performance of the software. Here's why this feature is so beneficial:

  1. Efficiency: The validation tool speeds up the troubleshooting process by quickly identifying errors and potential issues that could affect the simulation. Instead of manually checking every aspect of the model, users can rely on this tool to pinpoint exactly where the problems lie. This can save a considerable amount of time, especially in large or complex models.

  2. Accuracy: By providing a list of problematic errors and warnings, the validation tool ensures that no issue goes unnoticed. This increases the accuracy of the simulations by reducing the risk of undetected errors that could skew the results.

  3. Guidance: Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the validation tool is its ability to provide suggestions for fixes. In certain situations, such as issues associated with levels, InfoDrainage doesn't just identify the problem; it also suggests a potential solution. This guidance can be invaluable, particularly for less experienced users who might struggle to determine the appropriate corrective action.

  4. User-friendly: When a suggested fix is available, users can implement it with the click of a button. This ease of use makes InfoDrainage more user-friendly and allows users to correct issues more quickly and easily.

  5. Improved results: By facilitating the identification and correction of errors, the validation tool can lead to more accurate and reliable simulation results. This can ultimately lead to better decision-making and improved outcomes in the real-world applications of the software.

In essence, the built-in validation tool in InfoDrainage is like having a built-in expert that's always ready to help you identify and fix issues, making the process of running and analyzing simulations significantly smoother and more efficient.

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