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Comments on SWMM Version 1 from 1971

 Here is the requested information summarized in a table format from this history post about SWMM from 2001

VolumeTitleReference NumberPagesYear
Volume IFinal Report11024DOC07/71 (NTIS PB?203289)352 pp.1971
Volume IIVerification and Testing11024DOC08/71 (NTIS PB?203290)172 pp.1971
Volume IIIUser’s Manual11024DOC09/71 (NTIS PB?203291)359 pp.1971
Volume IVProgram Listing11024DOC10/71 (NTIS PB?203292)249 pp.1971

The original SWMM proposal was submitted by three groups:

GroupKey People
University of FloridaEd Pyatt (deceased) and John Schaake (now NOAA-NWS)
Water Resources Engineers (now Camp, Dresser and McKee)Bob Shubinski (deceased) and Carl Chen (not sure where now!)
Metcalf and Eddy (Palo Alto)John Lager (retired)

The primary EPA project officer was Darwin Wright.

Responsibility for SWMM blocks was as follows:

SWMM BlockResponsibility
Runoff, quantityWRE
Runoff, qualityM&E
Receiving WaterWRE

Significant contributors to SWMM over time:

Larry RoesnerDeveloper of the WRE Transport Model (EXTRAN)
Richard FieldLong-time EPA SWMM master, benefactor, and visionary
Bob DickinsonThe code effectively became his after about 1980
Bill JamesFirst interactive version
Alan PeltzWorked on the code before Bob Dickinson
Several UF grad students (notably Steve Nix, Miguel Medina, and Don Polmann)Various contributions

Note: This list is not exhaustive and may not include many other valuable contributors.

EPA SWMM versions in table format:

Version 11969 to 1971
Version 21975
Interim Release1977
Version 31981
Version 41988
Version 4.041989
Version 4.051990
Version 4.201992
Version 4.301994
Version 4.401997
Version 4.4g1998

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