Tuesday, January 17, 2023

SWMM 5.2.2 Code for LID Storage Layer


Variable NameTypeDescription
thicknessdoublethe layer thickness (ft)
voidFracdoublethe void volume / total volume
kSatdoublesaturated hydraulic conductivity (ft/sec)
clogFactordoubleclogging factor
coveredintBoolean flag indicating if rain barrel is covered (TRUE if it is covered)

This code defines a struct called TStorageLayer, which represents a storage layer in a Low Impact Development (LID) system. The struct contains several variables:

  • thickness: a double that represents the thickness of the layer, in feet.
  • voidFrac: a double that represents the void volume of the layer over the total volume of the layer.
  • kSat: a double that represents the saturated hydraulic conductivity, the rate at which water can flow through the soil, in feet per second.
  • clogFactor: a double that represents the clogging factor, which can be used to account for the potential reduction of the saturated hydraulic conductivity due to clogging or other factors.
  • covered: an integer that is a Boolean flag indicating if the rain barrel is covered. This is set to TRUE if the rain barrel is covered and FALSE otherwise.

The struct is used to store information about the LID storage layer, which can then be used in various calculations and simulations related to the LID system. The struct is usually used along with other parameters such as precipitation, infiltration, and evapotranspiration to evaluate the water management of the LID system.

// LID Storage Layer typedef struct { double thickness; // layer thickness (ft) double voidFrac; // void volume / total volume double kSat; // saturated hydraulic conductivity (ft/sec) double clogFactor; // clogging factor int covered; // TRUE if rain barrel is covered } TStorageLayer;

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