Saturday, January 21, 2023

MSDOS Batch Commands

 You can use the "dir" command in MS-DOS to find all the files in a folder ending in ".inp" and its subfolders. The syntax for this command is as follows:

dir /s /b /o:n <folder_path>\*.inp
  • The "/s" option tells the command to search for files in all subfolders of the specified folder.
  • The "/b" option tells the command to display the list of files in a bare format (without any additional information such as file size or date modified).
  • The "/o:n" option tells the command to sort the list of files by name in ascending order.
  • Replace <folder_path> with the path of the folder that you want to search.

For example, to search for all files with the extension ".inp" in the folder "C:\Examples" and its subfolders, you would use the following command:

dir /s /b /o:n C:\Examples\*.inp

This will display a list of all files in the specified folder and its subfolders that end with the ".inp" extension and the output will be sorted by name.

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