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ICM SWMM sw_2d_boundary_line Variable Names for SQL and Ruby Scripts

      The file "opwrowobjectlayoutswmm.xml" is a data file used by the Integrated Urban Water Management Model (ICM) software. The ICM software is used toVV simulate and analyze the performance of stormwater management systems, including the design and operation of stormwater collection and conveyance systems.

The file "opwrowobjectlayoutswmm.xml" contains variable names specific to the SWMM (Storm Water Management Model) conduit feature in the ICM software. These variable names are used in SQL and Ruby scripts, which are programming languages used to manipulate and analyze the data generated by the ICM software.

These variable names are used to represent the different attributes of a sw_2d_boundary_line within the ICM software and the SQL and Ruby scripts allow users to access and manipulate that data in a variety of ways.

<table name="sw_2d_boundary_line">
<group name="Boundary definition">
<field menu="sw_head_unit_discharge">head_unit_discharge_id
<group import_group="gen_prop"/>
<group import_group="user_prop"/>
<table name="sw_head_unit_discharge">
<group name="Head unit flow definition">
<group import_group="gen_prop"/>
<group import_group="user_prop"/>

Table 1: sw_2d_boundary_line

  • Group 1: Boundary definition
    • line_id
    • line_type
    • head_unit_discharge_id (from menu "sw_head_unit_discharge")
    • length
    • bed_load_boundary
    • suspended_load_boundary
  • Group 2: Imports group "gen_prop"
  • Group 3: Imports group "user_prop"

Table 2: sw_head_unit_discharge

  • Group 1: Head unit flow definition
    • head_unit_discharge_id
    • head_unit_discharge_description
    • HUDP_table
  • Group 2: Imports group "gen_prop"
  • Group 3: Imports group "user_prop"

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