Monday, November 5, 2012

Inflow Time Series in InfoSewer

Inflow Time Series in InfoSewer

by dickinsonre
This is how InfoSewer can use a time series of inflow at a specific node:

1.       Use a mean loading of 1 so that the values in the Inflow Time Series stay the same as your inflow units in InfoSewer (Figure 1)

Figure 1.   Load with a Pattern of Inflow will create a loading to the node based on your inflow time series.

2.      Create a PATTERN that is equal to your inflow time series
3.      The pattern has to have the same time steps as your default Run Manager Pattern option, normally this will  be one hour
4.      The factor column is your inflow in cfs, gpm, lps or mgd (Figure 2)
Figure 2.  The Inflow Time Series Pattern is your Flow

5.      The Base Load should equal your Inflow Pattern (Figure 3)

Figure 3.  Base Flow from the Inflow Time Series Pattern

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