Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Source Node Tracing In InfoSWMM

Note: Source Node Tracing in InfoSWMM. Often you want to know how much flow is being contributed to the flow in a node or link from a single source node. You can use the Trace with Source Node ID option under the Quality Tab of the Run Manager to select the trace node of the analysis. The source node will have a concentration of 100 for all dry weather and wet weather inflow. This includes runoff, RDII inflow, DWF and Inflow Time Series. The InfoSWMM water quality routing routine will then be used to route the source concentration of 100 throughout the whole network. Later using the Report Manager you can view the source node concentration for any set of nodes and links in your network. For example, a concentration of 40 percent means that 40 percent of the flow in the node or link comes from your designated source node (see below).

1 comment:

Noah said...

Great tip! This is an eloquent way to figure out what percentage of the total capacity of a pipe is being used by a customer. Could be used to determine cost sharing for new developments or for detailed rates.


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