Wednesday, November 10, 2010

InfoSewer Static Loading Manhole Report

Note: Static Loading Manhole Report

Shows steady state simulation results for all manholes in tabular format. The report displays one record for each manhole in the current H2OMAP Sewer project. Manhole report columns include the Node Identifier, Rim Elevation, Load, Overload and Grade, surcharge status, occurrence of a hydraulic jump across the node and the unfilled and surcharged depth.

The following variables are displayed on the Static Loading Manhole Report in the Output Report Manager for all or selected manholes:

1. ID - Manhole node identifier.

2. Rim Elevation - Manhole node elevation, ft (m).

3. Base Flow - The base loading applied to the manhole (before peaking), flow units.

4. Total Flow - The calculated flow (after peaking), inserted into the manhole, flow units.

5. Storm Flow - Peak storm load at the manhole, flow units

6. Grade - Manhole node hydraulic grade for the steady state simulation, ft (m).

7. Status - Surcharge status of the manhole.

8. Hydraulic Jump – Was there a Hydraulic Jump between the incoming and outgoing pipe of the node?

9. Unfilled Depth – depth between the node Rim Elevation and the Node Grade. A zero value indicates it is full.

10. Surcharge Depth - is the difference of “The Depth of Water of Manhole” and “The Crown of the Highest Connecting Conduits”. A positive Surcharge Depth means the node water surface elevation is above the highest pipe crown, a negative depth means that the node depth is below the highest pipe crown.

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