Wednesday, November 10, 2010

RDII Import into InfoSWMM

Note: InfoSWMM and H2OMAP SWMM can import any version of the RDII Unit Hydrograph data from SWMM 5.0.001 to SWMM 5.0.021 using the Import manager command. The difference is that SWMM 5.0.013 and earlier versions had less initial abstraction data and versions after SWMM 5.0.014 had more initial abstraction data. However, the Import Manager detects the version and imports the data correctly. SWMM 5.0.013 stored 9 RTK and 3 Initial Abstraction parameters and later versions 9 RTK and 9 Initial Abstraction parameters. InfoSWMM will import any format into the current version of InfoSWMM or H20MAP SWMM, which is based on SWMM 5.0.018 but will soon be based on SWMM 5.0.021.

SWMM 5.0.001 to 5.0.013 RDII UH Data

SWMM 5.0.014 to 5.0.021 RDII UH Data

InfoSWMM and H2oMAP SWMM will have 9 RTK and 9 Initial Abstraction Parameters.

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