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Free Student Edition of Industry Leading InfoWater and InfoSWMM Aimed at Giving Students Hands-On Experience, Better Preparing Industry-Ready Workforce and Shaping the Future

Innovyze Offers Free Award-Winning GIS-Centric Water Modeling Software to Universities Worldwide

Free Student Edition of Industry Leading InfoWater and InfoSWMM Aimed at Giving Students Hands-On Experience, Better Preparing Industry-Ready Workforce and Shaping the Future

Broomfield, Colorado, USA, August 4, 2015

Fulfilling its promise of continually raising the bar in water resources engineering education and expanding the world of learning, Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, today announced the availability of its industry-leading GIS-centric water and wastewater modeling software free to students and professors at higher education institutions worldwide. This special student edition of both InfoWater and InfoSWMM, limited to sixty links, is designed to provide universities worldwide with a simple, flexible way to use advanced, high performance water modeling software in their classrooms and labs. It will help students learn and develop important skills in the design, planning, operation and management of sustainable water distribution and wastewater/stormwater collection systems that will help them stand out in the job market.
Innovyze understands that civil engineering students need to be academically and professionally prepared for an engineering career. For students and professionals alike, there is no substitute for hands-on experience. Knowing this, more and more universities are helping students gain access to state-of-the-art and practical tools used in the classroom whenever and wherever they need them. By tailoring their undergraduate and graduate courses around Innovyze technology, engineering faculty members can be assured they are helping their students have direct access to the powerful tools and latest advances in smart water resources modeling technology they need to succeed— not only in the classroom, but ultimately as professional engineers.
“Innovyze InfoWater and InfoSWMM software has become a standard for many of the world’s largest water and wastewater utilities and top engineering firms,” said Scott Yost, Ph.D., P.E., Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Kentucky. “I can see this software being used by the best engineering schools. The Student Analysis and Design Workbooks are also excellent. Having training and education in this mission-critical technology is a major asset in validating our students’ expertise to prospective employers as well as preparing them for a rewarding career.”
Built atop ArcGIS (Esri, Redlands, CA), InfoWater’s innovative network modeling technology addresses every facet of utility infrastructure management and protection — delivering the highest rate of return in the industry. The software seamlessly integrates sophisticated predictive analytics, systems dynamics and optimization functionality directly within the powerful ArcGIS setting. From fire flow and dynamic water quality simulations, valve criticality and energy cost analysis to pressure zone management and advanced Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm optimization, the suite comes equipped with everything water utility owner-operators need to best plan, design, operate, secure and sustain their distribution systems.
InfoWater also serves as a base platform for advanced smart network modeling, operation, capital planning and asset management extensions. Among these critical applications are IWLive (real-time operations and security); InfoWater UDF (unidirectional flushing);CapPlan (risk-based capital planning); InfoMaster and InfoMaster Mobile (asset integrity management and condition assessment); InfoWater MSX (multi-species modeling); InfoWater BTX (event/particle backtracking); InfoSurge (surge/transient analysis); Sustainability (carbon footprint calculation); BalanceNet (real-time energy management and operations optimization); PressureWatch (real-time network hydraulic integrity monitoring); QualWatch (real-time network water quality integrity monitoring); SCADAWatch (real-time business intelligence and performance monitoring); DemandWatch (water demand forecasting); and DemandAnalyst (real-time water demand and diurnal pattern estimations).
As a complete ArcGIS-centric urban drainage modeling solution, the full-featured InfoSWMM analysis and design program delivers the highest rate of return in the industry. All operations of a typical sewer system — from analysis and design to management functions such as water quality assessment, pollution prediction, sediment transport and deposition, urban flooding, real-time control, and record keeping — are addressed in a single, fully integrated geoengineering environment. The program’s powerful hydraulic and water quality computational engine is based on an enhanced version of the latest SWMM 5.1.010, which is endorsed by the USEPA and certified by FEMA. These features and more deliver an enhanced modeling experience and greater realism of displayed results — advantages that translate to increased productivity, reduced costs, higher accuracy, better efficiency, and improved designs.
InfoSWMM also serves as a robust platform for advanced modeling, operational issues, short-term, long-range and capital planning, urban stormwater treatment and analysis, and analytics-driven asset management extensions. Some of these critical applications includeInfoSWMM 2D (two-dimensional surface flood modeling), CapPlan (risk-based capital planning and asset performance modeling),InfoSWMM Sustain (optimal selection and placement of LIDs/BMPs), InfoSWMM SFEM (dynamic sewer flow estimation model), InfoMaster(GIS-centric analytics-driven asset management), and RDII Analyst (rainfall-dependent inflow and infiltration planning and analysis).
A comprehensive Student Design and Analysis Workbook is also included for each program. In addition to background theory, the workbooks provide step-by-step approaches to water and wastewater network model construction, simulation and analysis, and are illustrated with a variety of carefully selected case studies to reinforce the hands-on nature of learning. By representing real-life network modeling situations, the workbooks are ideal for students to familiarize themselves with the day-to-day problem-solving work in engineering practice.
“Innovyze is committed to fostering technical achievement and technological advancement, both in teaching and research, throughout the engineering community,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, Dist.M.ASCE, NAE, President, COO and Chief Technical Officer of Innovyze. “At a time when universities are faced with tighter budgets, our Student Software Edition offers these institutions the tools they need to teach their students using state-of-the-art technology and prepare them for rewarding professional careers. It allows students who are interested in the field of environmental and water resources engineering to train on the sophisticated technology used by leading water and wastewater utilities and progressive consulting engineering companies on a daily basis. This gives them an unbeatable competitive advantage and helps them to thrive. It also prepares them with the skills they need to meet industry demands, sustain our water infrastructures, advance our economies, and build a better world.”
Pricing and Availability
Special student edition of InfoWater and InfoSWMM along with their Student Design and Analysis Workbooks are available to download free of charge from the Innovyze website at
About InnovyzeInnovyze is a leading global provider of wet infrastructure business analytics software solutions designed to meet the technological needs of water/wastewater utilities, government agencies, and engineering organizations worldwide. Its clients include the majority of the largest UK, Australasian, East Asian and North American cities, foremost utilities on all five continents, and ENR top-rated design firms. With unparalleled expertise and offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, the Innovyze connected portfolio of best-in-class product lines empowers thousands of engineers to competitively plan, manage, design, protect, operate and sustain highly efficient and reliable infrastructure systems, and provides an enduring platform for customer success. For more information, call Innovyze at +1 626-568-6868, or visit
Innovyze Contact:Rajan RayDirector of Marketing and Client Service Manager
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