Friday, March 20, 2015

New GIS Gateway Features in InfoSewer and InfoSWMM

New GIS Gateway Features:

1. New comparison function to compare data of InfoSWMM or InfoSewer and GIS.
2. New logging function to allow users to track the data changes.
3. Allows users to save updated data to the selection sets
4. Allows users to save changed data to the selection sets
5. Map of Changed Features 

Image Features:

1. Create a Shapefile with Base GIS information or use GIS files directly
2. Compare Button to compare the current InfoSWMM or InfoSewer data to the GIS Layer
3. A log file is made with changed features
4. A selection set is made of Updated Facilities
5. A selection set is made of New Facilities
6. Clear Map to Clear the Changed Facilities Ma
Options in GIS GateWay

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