Wednesday, March 25, 2015

20 Interesting Features of Innovyze H2OMap Sewer

Twenty interesting facts about H2OMap Sewer and an inverse color Map of the H2OMap Sewer Interface (Figure 1).  H2OMAP Sewer Sewer is a stand-alone GIS based program for use in the planning, design, analysis, and expansion of sanitary, storm and combined sewer collection systems. It is very good program if you like steady state analysis with peaking factors for manhole loading.

Lightning GIS Gateway, Import and Export of CSV and Shapefiles
Lightning Run Manager
Lightning Sewer Map based on MapInfo
Lightning Steady State Simulation
Lightning Bird’s Eye View
Lightning Design Simulation
Lightning Contouring and Annotation, Map Display of Input and Output Variables
Lightning EPS Simulation
Lightning Ten or More Unpeakable or Peakable Loads per Manhole
Lightning Input Data in the Attribute Browser
Lightning Point and Peaking Factor Loads for Steady State
Lightning Output Parameters in the Attribute Browser
Lightning Two Pass Solution with Adjusted Depth and Adjusted Velocity on the 2nd  Pass
Lightning Advanced Force Main Iterative Solution for complex Hazen Williams Force Main  Modeling, Optional Stormwater and RTK modeling
Lightning DB Tables with DB Queries
Lightning Modified Muskingum – Cunge  Numerical  Solution
Lightning Scenario, Facility Manager, Batch Simulations
Lightning Control over the number of link segments and Flow Attenuation
Lightning Data Inference, Network Tracing Tools
Lightning Output Graphics, Complete Mass Balance Report and Output Gravity Main,   Force Main and  Manhole Reports
Figure 1.  Inverse color Map of the H2OMap Sewer Interface

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