Sunday, January 19, 2014

Introduction to Running SWMMLive from @Innovyze

Introduction to Running SWMMLive from @Innovyze

A new product from Innovyze is SWMMLive which combines our InfoSWMM or H2OMap SWMM engine with the power and features of ICMLive and the ICM Interface.  This will be a continuation of my blogs on SWMMLive and for this blog we will discuss the basics of getting an InfoSWMM model to run in SWMMLive.   The 1st step is to use the Add On extension in InfoSWMM and H2OMap SWMM from the tools menu (Figure 1).  This will start the SWMMLive Manager where you can export your InfoSWMM or H2OMap  SWMM model to SWMMlive (which is a different Innovyze product) and Diagnose the SWMMLive Model if needed (Figure 2).    Once you have exported the InfoSWMM model then you can import the model to SWMMLive as the network in the Live Group of your Master Group (Bullet 1 in Figure 3).   You run the model using the ICM like Run Manager but using the InfoSWMM engine (currently based on SWMM 5.0.022) as you can see in Bullet 2 of Figure 3.    You can run multiple scenarios in a run (Bullet 3 in Figure 3) along with many of the ICMLive features such as Ground Tin's,  Queries,  Spatial Databases and Selection lists (Bullet 4 in Figure 3).   Once you run the model you can use the ICM tools to select (Bullet 5),  Select (Bullet 6) and View the Graphs or Grid Views (Bullet 7).  In the next blogs we will show how to set up Alerts and Other More Advanced Features. 

Figure 1  SWMMLIve is an Add On Extension to H2OMap SWMM and InfoSWMM

Figure 2.   In InfoSWMM and H2oMap SWMM you export a file to SWMMLIVE using the SWMMLive Manager
Figure 3.  An Introduction to Running SWMMLive

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