Friday, October 19, 2012

InfoMaster Overview



click to enlargeInfoMaster is an Esri-based business analytics, optimization, and management system for sewer networks. It leverages existing GIS and IT investments to give utilities a cost effective business intelligence and a data collection platform for informed decision making. With versions designed for the desktop, Web, and iOS mobile devices, InfoMaster provides for day-to-day operational management and long-term network planning for users throughout the organization.


  • Water and sewer network business intelligence
  • Risk-based rehabilitation planning
  • Proactive operational planning
  • Condition assessment management
  • Infrastructure data validation
  • CCTV data management

Business Intelligence for Water and Sewer Systems

The data available in water and sewer networks continues to grow exponentially, whether CCTV video of sewer lines or hundreds of thousands of smart meter readings. InfoMaster is designed to help utilities review, organize and analyze all this information within their existing Esri architecture. Using sophisticated built-in tools, SQL query sets, or custom scripting, users can manage their infrastructure data in ways not previously achievable.

Out-of-the-Box Data Hub

Unlike many traditional business intelligence applications, InfoMaster comes preconfigured to understand water and sewer networks. InfoMaster knows that sewer pipes have upstream and downstream manholes, a hydrant is connected to the distribution system with a lateral, scoring of CCTV defects, and dozens of other items functionality specific to water networks. The database leverages the existing Esri water and wastewater data models to include the ability to store information about incidents and tasks related to the network. Central to InfoMaster is its ability to exchange with other enterprise CMMS or ERP databases enabling a true 360 degree view of the infrastructure.

Proactive Capital and Operational Planning

InfoMaster gives utilities a new perspective on their capital and operational planning. Armed with a clear view of their infrastructure condition, capital and recurring costs, likelihood of failure, consequence of failure, historical incidents and maintenance, planners and managers can revamp capital and operational plans. Utilities can shift operational budget away from reactive and into proactive management.

Rich Results Presentation and Reporting

InfoMaster utilizes the rich Esri results and presentation environment, letting users create thematic maps with flexible symbology and rich detail. Its built-in report generator comes with dozens of standard reports and also allows users to quickly build custom reports and graphs against any piece of data stored in the system. In addition, management dashboards make it possible to effectively track level of service metrics and other key operational data, allowing ata- glance assessments of the past, present and future state of strategic assets.
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InfoMaster Mobile

InfoMaster Mobile enables infrastructure data to be created, used, consumed, and verified by staff in the field on a variety of devices. Using the Esri ArcGIS Server, InfoMaster Mobile leverages the geodatabase for use outside the office. It can run on both Web browsers and iOS (iPad, and iPhone) devices.
  • Update task/work order status online
  • Complete task dependent records
  • Create and upload add-on notes, pictures, video and documents

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