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LID and BMP Modeling in InfoSWMM and H20Map SWMM

Subject:   LID and BMP Modelling in InfoSWMM and H20Map SWMM

LID and BMP Modeling in InfoSWMM and H20Map SWMM

by dickinsonre
Subject:   LID and BMP Modelling in InfoSWMM and H20Map SWMM
 The attached PDF file describes some of the Low Impact Modeling and Best Management Practice modeling options in InfoSWMM and H2OMap SWMM (Figure 1)
Low Impact Development (LID)                                                           Page 3
Low Impact Development (LID)                                                           Page 4
LID Controls and Connection to the Subcatchments                   Page 5
Simulation Options for LID's                                                                 Page 6
Water Quality Features                                                                             Page 7
External Loading Buildup                                                                    Page 8
Simulation Options for Quality                                                            Page 9
Buildup/Washoff Options                                                                    Page 10
LID's are Unlimited Per Subcatchment                                            Page 11
Map Display of the Number of Units per Subcatchment                Page 12
LID Controls in DB Tables                                                                   Page 13
LID Layers                                                                                            Page 14
LID Storage Layer                                                                                    Page 15
LID Process Components Page                                                            Page 16
LID Processes                                                                                           Page 17
LID Usage in DB Tables                                                                         Page 18
LID Usage at the Subcatchments                                                        Page 19
Rain Barrel LID                                                                                        Page 20
Swale LID                                                                                                   Page 21
Components Per Subcatchment                                                       Page 22
LID Report Variables                                                                           Page 23
LID Report Text File                                                                            Page 24
LID Summary Report                                                                          Page 25
LID Report at a Time Step                                                                   Page 26
LID Graphs by Subcatchment                                                              Page 27
LID Import and Export to SWMM                                                         Page 28

 Figure 1.  LID Options include on a Subcatchment include Rain Barrels, Bio-Retention Cells, Infiltration Trench, Porous Pavement and Vegetative Swales


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