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Drawing features to show multiple attributes in InfoSWMM

Subject:   Drawing features to show multiple attributes in InfoSWMM

Drawing features to show multiple attributes in InfoSWMM and InfoSewer

by dickinsonre
Subject:   Drawing features to show multiple attributes in InfoSWMM
Your network data usually has a number of different attributes that describe the features it represents (Figure 3). While you'll commonly use one of the attributes to symbolize the
data—for example, showing one quantity in the InfoSWMM Map Display —you may sometimes want to use more than one.   One way to show multiple attributes inInfoSWMM is to copy layers and then use the Layer Properties to color, map or otherwise display the multivariable data (Figure 1).  For example, Figure 2 shows the important Subcatchment parameters of Slope, Imperviousness and Width as graduated colors, dots and a pie shape, respectively.
 Figure 1.  Use the Symbology Tab to select the attribute you want to show and the way to show the attribute. 

Figure 2.   The Subcatchment slope is shown in graduated colors, the percent impervious in scattered dots a a measels map and the Subcatchment Width is shown in a pie graph with the size of the pie a function  of the total  width.
 Figure 3.  Physical Data Estimated from a DEM using the Subcatchment Manager in InfoSWMM.

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