Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to Use Bing Maps in InfoSWMM as a Basemap

Note:   How to Use Bing Maps in InfoSWMM as a Basemap

How to Use Bing Maps in InfoSWMM as a Basemap

by dickinsonre
Note:   How to Use Bing Maps in InfoSWMM as a Basemap 
A great feature of Arc GIS 10 is the ability to use background maps from Bing for your model.  A few steps are necessary to set up the coordinates, import the basemap, clip the basemap and set the new extents:

Step 1.  Set the Current Coordinate System for the intended network.

 Step 2.  Add the Aerial Basemap from Bing Maps.
 Step 3.  The Base Map has to be clipped and zoomed.

Step 4.  Zoom to your network and clip the rest of the Map out of the Maximum Extents.

Step 5.  Set the Maximum Extents of your Network using the Data Frame Tab in Data Frame Properties.

 Step 6.  You can also set the background color for the area outside of the clipped Base Map if you so desire using the Frame Tab.
 Step 7.  You now can add nodes and links and view the locale using Google Street View or other using the Tools Preferences. 

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