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How InfoSWMM and H2oMAP SWMM Reads CUHP Hydrographs

How InfoSWMM and H2oMAP SWMM Reads CUHP Hydrographs

by dickinsonre
Note:  The Colorado Urban Hydrograph Procedure (CHUP) 2010 version generates a SWMM 5 Inflows Files containing a time series of flow inflows for 1 to many nodes (Figure 4 and Figure 5).    The created Inflows file (Figure 2) can be imported intao InfoSWMM and H2MAP SWMM without any alteration by using the Files command in Run Manager (Figure 1) and graphed using the Output Manager of InfoSWMM and  H2OMAP SWMM (Figure 3).

Figure 1.  Location of Files Command in Run Manager

The inflows will be read  from the Inflows file, which has this format:

Figure 2.  Header format of the CUHP Exported Hydrograph File

InfoSWMM and H2oMAP SWMM will match the Node Names in the Inflows file to the network node names and import and interpolate the inflows based on the Inflows time step and your hydraulic time step to generate Lateral  Inflow Hydrographs

Figure 3.  InfoSWMM and H2OMAP SWMM Lateral  Inflow Hydrographs

Figure 4.  CHUP Inflows File Descrpiption in the CUHP manual.
Figure 5. Cover of CUHP 2005 User Manual from 2010

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