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SWMM 5 View Variables

SWMM 5 View Variables

There are four types of graphical variables in SWMM 5: (1) Subcatchements, (2) System, (3) Nodes and (4) Links.  The SWMM 5 Hydrology binary graphics file consists of 21 view variables for each subcatcment simulation in SWMM 5.  The variables are:
Subcatchment Variables Description
      SUBCATCH_RAINFALL  rainfall intensity
      SUBCATCH_SNOWFALL snowfall intensity
      SUBCATCH_RUNOFF total runoff flow rate
      SUBCATCH_RUNOFF_IMPZero runoff flow rate from zero imp area feb 2007
      SUBCATCH_RUNOFF_IMP runoff flow rate from imp area feb 2007
      SUBCATCH_RUNOFF_Pervious runoff flow rate from pervious area feb 2007
      SUBCATCH_LOSSES total losses (infil)
      SUBCATCH_EVAP watershed evaporation loss
      SUBCATCH_DEPTH watershed depth
      SUBCATCH_GW_FLOW groundwater flow rate to node
      SUBCATCH_GW_FLOW_A1 groundwater flow rate to node
      SUBCATCH_GW_FLOW_A2 groundwater flow rate to node
      SUBCATCH_GW_FLOW_A3  groundwater flow rate to node
      SUBCATCH_GW_ELEV elevation of saturated gw table
      SUBCATCH_GW_THETA soil moisture
      SUBCATCH_GW_PERCOLATION aquifer deep percolation
      SUBCATCH_SNOWMELT watershed snow melt
      SUBCATCH_SNOWDEPTH watershed snow depth
      SUBCATCH_FREEWATER watershed snow depth
      SUBCATCH_COLD watershed cold content
      SUBCATCH_SNOWAREA watershed snow coverage
      SUBCATCH_UL soil thickness
      SUBCATCH_FTOT infiltration during an event
      SUBCATCH_FU current value of F
      SUBCATCH_FUMAX maximum value of F
      SUBCATCH_MOISTURE current soil mositure (less than porosity)
      SUBCATCH_IMD current IMD (Porisity - Moisture)
      SUBCATCH_IMDbyEvent IMD at the beginning of an event
      SUBCATCH_SAT  Flag for saturation (1 is saturated)
      SUBCATCH_INFIL_TIME GA infiltration time
      SUBCATCH_WLMAX current infiltration RATE
      SUBCATCH_NETPRECIP rainfall intensity
      SUBCATCH_BUILDUP pollutant buildup concentration
      SUBCATCH_WASHOFF pollutant washoff concentration
The SWMM 5 system binary graphics file consists of 25 variables on one line for each system variable simulated in SWMM 5.  The variables are:
System Variables Description
SYS_TEMPERATURE air temperature                   
SYS_WINDSPEED wind speed                        
SYS_RAINFALL rainfall intensity                
SYS_SNOWFALL snow depth                        
SYS_RUNOFF runoff flow                       
SYS_LOSSES evap + infil                      
SYS_EVAP evap                              
SYS_DWFLOW dry weather inflow                
SYS_GWFLOW ground water inflow               
SYS_IIFLOW RDII inflow                       
SYS_EXFLOW external inflow                   
SYS_INFLOW total lateral inflow              
SYS_FLOODING flooding outflow                  
SYS_OUTFLOW outfall outflow                   
SYS_STORAGE storage volume                    
SYS_CE continuity error for the basin    
SYS_ITERATIONS average iterations over the basin 
SYS_SNOWDEPTH snow depth                        
SYS_COLD cold storage for the basin        
SYS_SNOWMELT snowmelt for the basin            
SYS_RAINMELT rainmelt for the basin            
SYS_TS time steps during the simulation  
SYS_DWFLoad total K3 line DWF load            
SYS_WWFLoad total K3 line WWF load            
SYS_WWFLoadExtra agency extra WWF Load             

The SWMM 5 Node graphics binary file consists of 20 variables on one line for each junction/storage/outfall/divider  simulated in SWMM 5.  The variables are:
Node Variables Description
NODE_DEPTH water depth above invert                          
NODE_HEAD hydraulic head                                    
NODE_VOLUME volume stored & ponded                            
NODE_LATFLOW lateral inflow rate                               
NODE_IIFLOW total rdii inflow rate                            
NODE_UH1 total rdii inflow rate from UH 1
NODE_UH2 total rdii inflow rate from UH 2
NODE_UH3 total rdii inflow rate from UH 3
NODE_DWFFLOW total DWF inflow rate                             
NODE_INFLOW total inflow rate                                 
NODE_OUTFLOW total outflow rate                                
NODE_OVERFLOW overflow rate                                     
NODE_CE node ce                        
NODE_AREA node surface area              
NODE_DQDH node surcharge dqdh            
NODE_DENOM node surcharge dqdh            
NODE_ITERATIONS node iterations to this time step  
NODE_TIMESTEP node iterations to this time step  
NODE_CONVERGENCE node iterations to this time step  
NODE_QUAL         concentration of each pollutant                   

Link Variables

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